Urology UK

Welcome to Urology UK

Urology UK exists, since 2013, as a collaboration of charitable and professional organisations committed to raising the profile of UK urology in relation to better patient care and to create the opportunity to promote a unified voice for urology where necessary. The objectives are to focus collaboratively on research, education, training and professional development, together with patient and public education and awareness.

Founding Members

(All registered charities)

The British Association of Urological Surgeons - BAUS

The British Association of Urological Nurses - BAUN

Specialist Urological Registrars Group - SURG

The Urology Foundation - TUF

BJU International - BJU International, BJUI Knowledge (Associate member)

Benefits of Co-Operative Working

  • Enhance urological profile leading to greater funding for urological research
  • Better co-ordination of research efforts and improvement in quality of UK Research
  • Better co-ordination for urological professional education and development
  • Development of defined “standards of care” and relevant position statements in relation to urological care.
  • Improved collaboration and joint strategic working to promote our aims and maximise use of available resources

Not all members will have an interest in all the activities covered by Urology UK and therefore members are at liberty to exempt themselves from activities which are not relevant to them or are not covered in the governing documents.

*BJUI is an Associate Member of Urology UK because its charitable aims include providing education to improve the teaching and practice of urology but do not include education for patients and the public.